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It’s been 7 years that we at AdroitLogic have been helping organizations to achieve business success with Enterprise Integration solutions of high performance & exceptional quality through Digital Transformation.

Let's get you up to speed with latest integration news from AdroitLogic!

Customer Stories

UltraESB powering one of the largest global travel partners and the world's largest food service provider

Kuoni GTA utilizes AdroitLogic UltraESB to implement XML API serving over half a billion requests per day

"AdroitLogic’s UltraESB is central to our future state architecture integrating our key business applications. UltraESB has provided GTA technology platform with the required performance, reliability and high availability to support our business growth. The solution we have implemented allows GTA to successfully scale in the cloud."

Christopher Branagan
Chief Technology Officer
Kuoni GTA

CAKE LABS leverages AdroitLogic UltraESB to support their cloud based software platform used by thousands of restaurants

"AdroitLogic UltraESB has helped us make our API-based application development much simpler/easier by providing much needed supportive services for our APIs. We heavily use UltraESB's endpoint proxying, payload manipulation, header based API versioning and backward compatibility maintenance, among others. AdroitLogic's customer support has been prompt and competent. We look forward to working with them in the days to come"

Rohana Kumara
Vice President-Engineering & Architecture

White Paper

Learn how AdroitLogic Integration Platform Server is capable of providing seamless service deployment experience
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Highly Performing, Lean and Robust ESB with a Simple Configuration Model


Developing Integration Solutions with Minimal Time and Effort


B2B Messaging over AS2 with Security and Reliability


Enrich your business with Electronic B2B Trading


Blog Highlights

From AdroitLogic UltraStudio to AdroitLogic IPS

A comprehensive read on the integration project lifecycle with the AdroitLogic integration stack

Spring Transaction Management Over Multiple Threads

Tutorial providing in-depth understanding on supporting spring transactions over multiple threads

UltraStudio in Action, Episode 1: Write Your Own Basic Authenticator!

Step-by-step guide on implementing basic authentication using AdroitLogic UltraStudio the graphical integration flow editor

Event Driven Architecture over Polling Architecture for File Transport using Java NIO

Article discussing the implementation of a non-polling, event-triggered file transport

How to Monitor the AdroitLogic ESB (UltraESB-X) With Kibana

Guide on setting up Kibana and Elasticsearch to monitor your UltraESB-X instances

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