Integration Platform Server

A multi-node container platform for deploying and managing AdroitLogic UltraESB-X

AdroitLogic Integration Platform (IPS) is a multi-node container platform designed to deploy and manage AdroitLogic UltraESB instances in private and public cloud environments. Apart from the ability of smooth management of ESB clusters, IPS offers self-healing clusters, dynamic resource allocation, inter-zone and affinity deployments, load-balanced endpoints and comprehensive statistics.


Based on predictions by Forrester, the B2B e-Commerce market is expected to reach $1.1T in value by year 2019, incorporated by a parallel growth of the B2C market up to $480B. With the ensuing growth of demand for B2B and B2C communication, every enterprise, no matter how small, is met with a strong requirement for its own enterprise integration infrastructure. This, combined with the rapid movement towards service orientation, makes integration products such as Enterprise Service Buses ideal candidates for any enterprise integration framework.

A good balance among enterprise-grade reliability and quality-of-service guarantees, ease of deployment and maintenance, and manageability of expenses, is one of the most sought-after features of an enterprise integration platform, and is unfortunately also one of the greatest hurdles encountered by organizations of all scales, economies and fields of specialization, along their race towards a seamless enterprise integration experience.

It is in this light that AdroitLogic, renowned for its high-performance Enterprise Service Bus UltraESB and its successor UltraESB-X, brings forth its Integration Platform Server, a product catered specifically for addressing the abovementioned concerns in the course of deployment of both public-facing and internal enterprise integration solutions as services exposed via containerized UltraESB-X instances.

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