Empower your Digital Business
with seamless integration.

Empower your Digital Business with seamless integration.

Executives in all industries are compelled by consumers to digitize their businesses to transform customer experience to the next level. Digital advances such as analytics, social media and embedded devices help enterprises to improve customer experience. CxOs are utilizing the technology to be competitive in the market, and the urge to improve business performance also leads executives to think of improving internal processes with digitization.

Instead of monolithic systems such as ERP and CRM, business leads are working towards Microservices and integration of existing systems, to provide better external interfaces and APIs to their consumers and partners. The AdroitLogic integration stack facilitates seamless integration of existing systems, business partners, external APIs and devices to realize such objectives of Digital Business.

How adroitlogic can help in digital transformation

How AdroitLogic
can help

AdroitLogic's expertise on enterprise integration, together with its products being used by some of the largest organizations across the globe, will ensure a seamless Digital Transformation experience for your enterprise. The agile services and solutions model of AdroitLogic along with the on-site quick-start program swiftly escalates your business into a Digital Business.

We undertake the complete implementation of Integration projects from inception to transition, and have successfully delivered such solutions for business critical deployments, at some of the leading organizations in the world.

Professional Services


Easily deploy any number of integration projects in a containerized environment using Integration Platform (IPS) with just a few clicks. Monitor and analyse individual instances and entire clusters via a single dashboard.

IPS utilizes the power of Docker and Kubernetes to provide built-in auto-healing and robust container management for a smooth deployment experience, additionally providing centralized monitoring with controlled access for projects via fine-grained permissions to support Digitization.

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AdroitLogic IPS for digital transformation
AS2Gateway for digital transformation

AS2 Trading

Concealing the complexities of the AS2 protocol, the AS2Gateway presents a convenient SaaS B2B trading facility to seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure for automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) over the secure AS2 protocol.

Based on your usage, budget and requirements, choose between cloud or on-premise deployment to transform your business into a Digital Business.

AS2Station AS2Gateway

Development Process

With the introduction of UltraStudio, developing, testing and deploying your integration project into UltraESB-X and IPS is just a few clicks away. Using UltraStudio now you can easily create complex enterprise integration flows just by drag-n-drop, providing a rapid and agile integration framework to support Digital Transformation.

UltraStudio UltraESB-X