Secure and Reliable Business Data Interchange over the internet.

Concealing the complexities of the AS2 protocol, AS2Gateway presents a convenient B2B trading facility in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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Cloud or On-premise

Based on your usage, budget and requirements, choose between cloud or on-premise deployment.

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Assured trading

AS2Gateway is fully compliant with the AS2 Specification published by Drummond and Moberg.

SFTP Integration

AS2Gateway is capable of uploading the received documents to a pre-configured organization specific SFTP location to support simplified integration with existing systems.

Instant email notifications

Instant Email notifications

Get notified instantly when you receive invoices, purchase orders, etc. via email.


B2B Messaging over AS2 with Security and Reliability

Learn how AS2Gateway provides a B2B trading platform for organizations trading over the AS2 protocol, with a simplified and intuitive interface concealing the underlying complexities from end users.

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Pricing & Support

The AS2Gateway is available as an on-premise deployment for large organizations willing to deploy and host it - to provide AS2 trading capability to hundreds or thousands of smaller organizations or customers. Based on your B2B trading requirements now you can build the pricing plan that works best for you.

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