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Want to get started with AdroitLogic Integration Stack? Download UltraStudio!

Why AdroitLogic

AdroitLogic creates Enterprise Integration solutions with high performance and exceptional quality, which help organizations achieve business success through Digital Transformation. Our software is deployed the world over from small organizations to the Fortune #1.

Experience the Difference Yourself

We keep a closer look at our product architecture, striving for highest performance and code quality! Our products are designed and crafted by a highly skilled team with years of experience in Enterprise Integration.

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We can help you solve your integration problems at your site.

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How It Works

We accelerate your integration process, enriching the development lifecycle
with the most powerful and best integration software and tools.

Discover faster, easier and smarter ways of writing your integration story.

Develop with UltraStudio

UltraStudio is the fully featured, completely free integrated development environment (IDE) for UltraESB-X.

UltraStudio accelerates the integration design process with its simple drag and drop flow designer and built-in tools to build and test integration projects.

Dozens of Processors and Connectors are available
out of the box, to support integration with SAP, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and many more.

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Develop integration flows with UltraStudio - integration development environment (IDE)

Run using UltraESB-X

As the underlying deployment runtime environment, the UltraESB-X is the heart and soul of AdroitLogic integration platform.

UltraESB-X supports Zero-Copy proxying, giving you extreme levels of performance utilizing Direct Memory Access (DMA) and the sendfile system call along with Non-Blocking IO.

Powered by the world's fastest ESB,
we facilitate on-premise deployments as well as private, public and hybrid cloud based containerized deployments.

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UltraESB - deployment runtime environment, deploy ESB on private public or hybrid cloud based containers

IMonitor-X for integration and transaction monitoring

IMonitor-X is the management dashboard which allows the easy management of UltraESB-X instances with enterprise level transaction monitoring and statistics.

Let it be a single instance or a cluster of ESB nodes, IMonitor-X delivers real time health and
performance statistics of all ESB instances
and integration projects.

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manage UltraESB instances with enterprise level transaction monitoring and Statistics

Customer Stories

They trust us. Why don't you? Start your success story with us.

Sysco LABS leverages AdroitLogic UltraESB to support their cloud based software platform used by thousands of restaurants

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Connecting Applications, Systems and Partners with ease using UltraStudio

Tuesday, 7th November

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News and Events

AdroitLogic Announces Major Upgrade of AS2Gateway, the Enterprise B2B Messaging Platform

AdroitLogic, the company that allows enterprises to connect applications, systems and partners with high performance capabilities, today announced a major upgrade of its enterprise B2B messaging platform, AS2Gateway.

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SGX utilizes AdroitLogic UltraESB for reporting OTC commodities and products to CFTC

AdroitLogic announced the publication of a case study describing utilization of its Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB by Singapore Exchange Limited(SGX) for reporting over-the-counter (OTC) commodities and products to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

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AdroitLogic introduces Apache Kafka support to its enterprise integration stack

AdroitLogic, the company that allows enterprises to connect applications, systems and partners with high performance capabilities, today announced the release of a components pack enabling its high-performance Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB-X to integrate with Apache Kafka clusters.

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 blog post image
NOVEMBER 19, 2017

Getting started with AS2 protocol using AS2Gateway and OpenAS2

Most of the large retail providers and consumer product suppliers such as Walmart, Amazon and Morgan Foods etc. have decided to go with AS2 protocol in last few years.
 blog post image
NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Effective Usage of Oracle Row-Locking With Spring JDBC

You may be thinking, "Is it *that* hard to use Oracle row-locking without any issues in an enterprise-level application?" Unfortunately yes, it’s.
 blog post image
NOVEMBER 14, 2017

How to run One Million UltraESB-X Docker instances… For Free!

we’ve decided to release a Docker image that could be used to run an unlimited number of instances, license-free. Now you can experience UltraESB-X with just a single command!
 blog post image
OCTOBER 24, 2017

Java Scale-First ExecutorService: Myth or Reality?

Concurrency can be tricky, particularly during peak demand times, so here's how to move your apps from queue-first to scale-first.
 blog post image
OCTOBER 11, 2017

Real-time activity tracking with Kafka

In this article, we are going to discuss integrating Apache Kafka with UltraESB-X using UltraStudio, for real-time messaging. If you want to know more about UltraESB-X, this post would provide a good starting point. UltraStudio provides a graphical IDE to build, test and deploy integration projects without any fuss.
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