Enterprise Integration

Connect your legacy, on-premise, cloud and hybrid applications together

The seamless integration of legacy and modern enterprise systems with reliability is a vital milestone in realizing the Digital Business objectives for Enterprises.

We undertake the complete implementation of Integration solutions from inception to transition, utilizing our well-reputed Integration Product Stack, and have successfully delivered such solutions for business-critical deployments, at some of the leading organizations in the world.

What is enterprise integration

Interconnected Systems for Digital Business

Modern enterprises lean on numerous distributed enterprise systems that are required to work in tandem to realize the objectives of Digital Business. Most of these systems are distinct from each other due to the differences between their deployment platforms, underlying technologies protocols and data formats, making it complex and infeasible to interconnect them directly with each other.

Enterprise Integration is the art of integrating these diversified systems seamlessly by utilizing the enterprise middleware technologies such as Enterprise Service Buses, while providing the reliability and performance guarantied with minimally added overheads to the existing systems.

A well-designed and precisely implemented Enterprise Integration Solution will not only just bring your existing systems together, but also enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business processes by making the information and resources available at the right place at the right time.

How we can help

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

We believe and prove that better design and clever code can yield exceptional software, and our Software Product Engineering Team has years of experience in developing core business-critical applications for some of the leading organizations around the globe.

We help your enterprise software systems to gradually evolve and not only interconnect with each other, but also to integrate seamlessly with the systems of your partners, vendors, customers or any other external service providers through a multitude of protocols and data formats.

Our passion for quality, performance and ease of use will ensure that the integration solutions we deliver will provide the necessary performance and operational efficiencies to realize your business goals with lesser infrastructure deployment and management costs.

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AdroitLogic Integration Platform

Our integration platform consists of the most powerful and best integration software and tools to cater your business needs. Get Started with our product Stack right away.

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Custom Integration Solutions

To meet the demands of your digital business, we provide application modernization services and application migration to help keep your legacy systems relevant and manageable without needing to start from scratch.

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