Deufol SE leverages AdroitLogic UltraESB to consolidate information from SAP-based clients and daughter companies

UltraESB has made it possible to gather and consolidate information internally and simplified the integration with daughter companies. Introducing subsequent changes into the integration logic through the ESB saves time and effort for Deufol while providing flexibility, scalability and maintainability.

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Deufol SE (formerly D. Logistics AG) is a global service provider in the packaging and related services sector.

The company, headquartered in Germany, has approximately 2,900 employees at 93 locations in 11 countries, including the presence in the USA, Italy, Singapore and China. The Deufol services include export packaging, industrial goods packaging, promotional and display packaging, and data packaging.


Being a distributed corporation with a worldwide presence, connecting in-house systems and applications, and those of the different daughter companies, was a pressing problem for Deufol SE. Hence Deufol SE wanted to implement a system to gather and consolidate information internally, avoiding the pain points faced in the past.

Furthermore, as a logistics service provider, systems within Deufol SE had to communicate and exchange data with its customer systems, which were mainly SAP based. Thus implementing connectivity over SFTP, Email and HTTP transports for integration over CSV and flat file exchanges, Web services and SOAP messages and IDocs, became necessary for effective integration with customer systems.

“Historically we have a vastly heterogeneous IT environment, across which the UltraESB performs a remarkable job of gathering and consolidating information eciently and e ectively.”

Tomáš Peško
Senior Developer

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After analyzing the leading enterprise integration solutions in the market, in mid 2014, Deufol SE decided to use AdroitLogic UltraESB to facilitate their integration needs by becoming the integration backbone of the organization. Since then, the UltraESB has become a core part of their IT infrastructure, facilitating systems integration both within the organization and among its subsidiaries, and with external customers. By facilitating connectivity between internal core system applications and the applications of daughter companies, UltraESB has eased the burden of gathering and consolidating internal information between heterogeneous systems.

The UltraESB based solution also has the capability to connect with different integration mechanisms exposed by external customers. Thus, implementing connectivity over SOAP or Web Services, CSV and flat files over SFTP or Email, etc. has become simpler and less time-consuming. As most of the customers use SAP systems for business data interchange, Deufol SE needed to integrate their customer-facing systems seamlessly with their core systems. Consequently, upon Deufol’s request, AdroitLogic developed the IDoc transport for the UltraESB to facilitate direct integration with SAP based customers. It is interesting to note that the internal Deufol SE IT team has been able to understand, design, deploy and maintain UltraESB based solutions without need for the external consultants or third party systems developers. AdroitLogic provides 24x7 production support to Deufol SE and assists it with additional development level support remotely, as and when required.