UltraESB v1.6.1 - Release Notes

          AdroitLogic UltraESB

Copyright © 2010-2011 AdroitLogic Private Ltd. All Rights Reserved

** Changes for 1.6.1 ** [24-10-2011]
    - Introducing the error description for errors mapped to the error codes
    - Improved Zabbix template registration making the process asynchronous
    - Introduction of a global endpoint "mediation.response" and streamline error handling when sending response messages
    - Improved UConsole Zabbix registration interfaces
    - Improved UTerm commands
    - Enhanced the HTTP/S transports

** Changes for 1.6.0 ** [26-09-2011]
    - Configuration update with zero downtime via JMX, UTerm and UConsole
    - Ability to pin proxy services to a given server name
    - Ability for a server to run as another and UTerm commands to start/stop server acting as another
    - Provide failover for failed nodes automatically in a clustered deployment
    - UltraESB minimal distribution artifact (nearly 6MB)
    - Improved connection debugging information
    - Improved UConsole settings to manage permissions
    - New theme for the UConsole
    - Configuration operations and server state commands added to UTerm
    - UTerm default print width changed to 120 characters and making it a configuration
    - Fixed the server startup and shutdown order
    - Improved logging
    - Improved Zabbix integration for monitoring
    - Enhanced AS2 support
    - Custom password encryption utility

** Changes for 1.5.0 ** [19-7-2011]
    ** Non backwards compatible change **
    - Ensuring consistency of properties used (See Appendix A below for the complete list)

    - Introduce UTerm the command line management terminal for the UltraESB
    - Zabbix Registration and Template management for instance monitoring
    - Logger and Appender management
    - RAM Disk based file cache for extreme performance
    - Connection debugging facility to show detailed information about connection errors
    - Allow configuration of conditions when a fail-over is safe for an endpoint
    - Better and improved handling of temporary failures of endpoints and subsequent suspension

    - Fix rendering and styling issues for Internet Explorer support for UConsole
    - Fix issue #17 - Implement a Graceful Stop for Proxy Services / Sequences
    - Bundle missing Jar file for XACML support
    - Secure JMX access to UltraESB runtime via UConsole
    - Ability to define servers, users and roles for UConsole access

    Known Issues
    - On IE web browsers the error code table and keep-alive statistics tables for the transport senders and
    listeners may not render properly

** Changes for 1.4.0 ** [2-5-2011]
    - Implementation of JSON management services and a Web based management console (uconsole) for the UltraESB
    - Support for centralized cluster management via ZooKeeper, with Round-Robin restart of the cluster
    - Support for local and distributed caching across cluster via ehCache - for stateful service state replication
    - JMX support enhancements using MXBeans
    - Native agent for reporting monitoring information to Zabbix monitoring console
    - Integration with FastXML to boost XML processing performance using libraries such as VTD XML
    - Dynamic configuration changes - Updating, loading and unloading of configuration elements
    - Preparation of a configuration before updates to ensure that a switch or load will work
    - Support for XACML for entitlement using PicketBox
    - XML / SOAP to JSON auto conversion

    - Issue #11 - Support for XML / SOAP to JSON conversion using direct streaming or XSLT
    - Enhancements to the SOA ToolBox (Save and restore configurations)

    - Support single addresses for group endpoints such as round-robin, fail over etc.
    - Fix SOAP header extraction to support headers without prefixes
    - Resolve WS-Security compatibility issue with .Net
    - Fix for NTLM authenticated connections without a zero byte expect 100-continue request

    - ** NOTE: Deprecated variable name **
      The variable name used for the current message passed to the JSR 223 scripting language as been changed to "msg" to be the same name as passed into Java code fragments. Please update any scripting language sequences accordingly
    - ** NOTE: Service URL pattern change **
      Remove default mapping of "<service_name>*" as the URL of a service (Note: This may require a configuration

              ** Changes for 1.3.0 ** [22-10-2010]
              - Include a temporary patch for HTTPCORE-239 until its next version is released
              - Issue #8 Support the creation of JSON Data Services using JDBC queries
              - Enhance the Mediation API to convert between JSON and Java beans
              - Enhance the Mediation API to convert between ISO8601 and UTC date formats into java.util.Date and
              - Add a sample showing the use of multiple JTA resources, and transaction semantic compliant file system
              - Allow response compression to be disabled, even if the request contains Accept-Encoding headers
              - Add a sample showing an email poll and saving attachments into the file system
              - Start sample Jetty server of SOA ToolBox on port 9002 for easy SSL testing

              ** Changes for 1.2.0 ** [24-9-2010]
              - Issue #5 Allow an XML message to be easily split with an XPath and parts processed serially
              - Issue #4 Allow the invocation of a sub-sequence during mediation
              - Issue #3 Provide the ability to log wire-level messages in UltraESB
              - Issue #2 File locking support on Windows
              - Issue #1 Support NTLM / v2 authentication for outgoing requests
              - Update Eclipse project file
              - Expose ability to invoke other sequences

              - ToolBox Issue #2 Provide an option in the Toolbox to turn on HTTP/S logging
              - ToolBox Issue #1 Add support for NTLM / v2 authentication to the ToolBox

              ** Changes for 1.1.0 ** [24-8-2010]
              - Release the source code under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3
              - Inclusion of XBean JAR file to optionally configure an ActiveMQ JMS Server within the UltraESB
              - Added samples related to Email / JMS
              - Fix JMS listener shutdown

              ** Changes for 1.0.1 ** [7-7-2010]
              - Support for Gmail/ SSL authenticated email access options for the email transport

              ** Changes for 1.0.0 ** [3-5-2010]
              - Add a Quickstart Guide PDF

              - Enable deployment over JEE containers to tap into JTA transaction manager capabilities to suspend/resume
              from different threads

              - Add a JMS Client to the ToolBox for testing purposes

              - Annotate sample configurations for better understanding

              - Simplify execution of performance test scenarios

              - Simplify load balancing and failover for proxying to Tomcat servers with sticky session support

              - Includes debug information for Java code fragments to specify line numbers on Exceptions etc

              - Supports Basic, Digest and AWS S3 authentication for outgoing HTTP/S connections with pre-emptive
              authentication support for Basic and AWS S3 authentication

              - Enhancement of the public APIs with many convenience methods - including support for WS-Addressing and

              - Support for HTTP/S cookie manipulation - reading and setting

              - Support multi-entity response streaming over HTTP/S with support for timeout processing and pre-mature
              entity close

              - Message splitting and aggregation support with timeouts

              - Introduces MLLP and MLLPS (i.e. over SSL) support for the Health Level 7 (HL7) protocol.

              - Introduces XQuery support using The Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor from Saxonica Limited. The free and
              open source version Saxon-HE maybe downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/saxon/ while the more
              advanced Professional and Enterprise editions maybe downloaded from http://www.saxonica.com. To install
              the Saxon-HE library simply copy the saxon9he.jar into the lib/optional directory

              - Introduces Support for Json using the Jackson library

              - Various enhancements and bug fixes

              ** Changes for 1.0-beta3-b2 ** [18-3-2010]

              - Based on user feedback of the source code, the code has now been reorganized to clearly separate the
              public API into a separate JAR file. This will ensure that user developed code will not accidentally link
              with the UltraESB internals.

              - The API JAR is published at the AdroitLogic Maven 2 repository at :

              - The above change removes the static methods of the Mediation class, and makes Mediation an interface. An
              instance is now passed as the variable "mediation" into a sequence, and could be used to invoke the same
              mediation routines as before. Message, Mediation and Configuration are the main

              - The full public API of the UltraESB is published at http://api.adroitlogic.org/

              - The UltraRuntime project files provided to develop with the UltraESB are mainly tested only against
              IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 9.0 - which is available as free and open source software. The Eclipse and
              Netbeans files are provided-as-is, and we welcome any improvements to them from users.

              === Appendix A ===

              This appendix describes the detailed renaming of property keys for version 1.5.0 from previous releases.
              The left side shows the pre v1.5.0 name/key of the property and the right side shows the same from v1.5.0

              To migrate any pre v1.5.0 configuration to a v1.5.0 or later configuration, please refer the following
              tables, and/or request for free assistance from AdroitLogic via any preferred support chanel

              FORWARD_URL_POSTFIX => ultra.http.forward_url_postfix
              QUERY_PARAM_MAP => ultra.http.query_param_map
              HTTP_METHOD => ultra.http.method
              HTTP_SIZE => ultra.http.message_size
              RESPONSE_STATUS_CODE => ultra.http.response_status_code
              LOCATION_SWITCH_BACK => ultra.http.location_switch_back
              transport.auth.username => ultra.http.auth_username
              transport.auth.password => ultra.http.auth_password
              transport.auth.domain => ultra.http.ntlm_auth_domain
              transport.auth.workstation => ultra.http.ntlm_workstation
              http.auth.scheme.holder => ultra.http.auth_scheme_holder
              http.auth.connection => ultra.http.auth_connection
              http.auth.scheme => ultra.http.auth_scheme
              ultra.https.client_dn => ultra.http.ssl_client_dn
              ultra.https.client_certs => ultra.http.ssl_client_certs
              stripURLPrefix => ultra.http.strip_url_prefix
              wsdlURL => ultra.http.wsdl_url

              JMS_MESSAGE_TYPE => ultra.jms.message_type
              JMS_BYTE_MESSAGE => bytes_message
              JMS_TEXT_MESSAGE => text_message
              JMS_MAP_MESSAGE => map_message
              JMS_CORRELATION_ID => ultra.jms.correlation_id
              JMS_MESSAGE_ID => ultra.jms.message_id
              JMS_DELIVERY_MODE => ultra.jms.delivery_mode
              JMS_DESTINATION => ultra.jms.destination
              JMS_EXPIRATION => ultra.jms.expiration
              JMS_REDELIVERED => ultra.jms.redelivered
              JMS_REPLY_TO => ultra.jms.reply_to
              JMS_TIMESTAMP => ultra.jms.timestamp
              JMS_TYPE => ultra.jms.type
              JMS_PRIORITY => ultra.jms.priority
              destinationName => ultra.jms.destination
              replyDestinationName => ultra.jms.reply_destination

              FilePath => ultra.file.path
              FileName => ultra.file.name
              FileSize => ultra.file.size
              FileScheme => ultra.file.scheme
              OriginalFileName => ultra.file.original_name
              fileNamePattern => ultra.file.name_pattern
              moveAfterProcess => ultra.file.move_after_process
              moveAfterFailure => ultra.file.move_after_failure
              moveTimestampFormat => ultra.file.move_timestamp_format
              fileTimestampFormat => ultra.file.timestamp_format

              ultra.http.request_size => ultra.tcp.request_size
              tcp.snd_io_threads => ultra.tcp.snd_io_threads
              tcp.lst_io_threads => ultra.tcp.lst_io_threads
              tcp.socket.timeout => ultra.tcp.socket_timeout
              tcp.tcp.nodelay => ultra.tcp.tcp_nodelay
              tcp.socket.buffer-size => ultra.tcp.socket_buffer_size
              tcp.socket.linger => ultra.tcp.socket_linger
              tcp.connection.timeout => ultra.tcp.connection_timeout
              tcp.connection.stalecheck => ultra.tcp.stale_connection_check

              mllp.max_message_size => ultra.mllp.max_message_size

              HL7SendingApplication => ultra.hl7.sending_application
              HL7SendingFacility => ultra.hl7.sending_facility
              HL7ReceivingApplication => ultra.hl7.receiving_application
              HL7ReceivingFacility => ultra.hl7.receiving_facility
              HL7Timestamp => ultra.hl7.timestamp
              HL7Security => ultra.hl7.security
              HL7MessageType => ultra.hl7.message_type
              HL7TriggerEvent => ultra.hl7.trigger_event
              HL7MessageControl => ultra.hl7.message_control
              HL7ProcessingId => ultra.hl7.processing_id
              HL7VersionId => ultra.hl7.version_id

              protocol => ultra.mail.protocol
              folder => ultra.mail.folder
              concurrentPollingAllowed => ultra.mail.concurrent_polling_allowed
              processMailInParallel => ultra.mail.process_in_parallel
              moveAfterFailure => ultra.mail.move_after_failure
              moveAfterProcess => ultra.mail.move_after_process
              leaveAfterFailure => ultra.mail.leave_after_failure
              leaveAfterProcess => ultra.mail.leave_after_process
              preserveHeaders => ultra.mail.preserve_headers
              removeHeaders => ultra.mail.remove_headers
              mainPartIdentificationPriority => ultra.mail.main_part_identification_priority
              retainAlternativeParts => ultra.mail.retain_alternative_parts
              from => ultra.mail.from
              cc => ultra.mail.cc
              bcc => ultra.mail.bcc
              subject => ultra.mail.subject

              cronExpression => ultra.polling.cron_expression
              startDelay => ultra.polling.start_delay
              repeatInterval => ultra.polling.repeat_interval
              repeatCount => ultra.polling.repeat_count
              concurrent => ultra.polling.concurrent
              disabled => ultra.polling.disabled

              url => ultra.transport.url

              switchLocationHeadersTo => ultra.endpoint.switch_location_headers_to
              socket_timeout => ultra.endpoint.socket_timeout
              keepalive_timeout => ultra.endpoint.keepalive_timeout
              responseValidatorBean => ultra.endpoint.response_validator_bean

              SOAP_HEADERS => ultra.soap.headers
              MERGED => ultra.mediation.aggregator.merged
              EXPIRED => ultra.mediation.aggregator.expired
              AGGREGATION_EXPIRY => ultra.mediation.aggregator.expiry_time
              part => ultra.mediation.aggregator.part
              size => ultra.mediation.aggregator.size