Restaurant Industry


CAKE LABS decided to incorporate AdroitLogic’s UltraESB as the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to integrate their systems. The requests are mediated to the authentication server through the ESB and CAKE LABS can now easily support different versions of their APIs by forwarding the requests to relevant endpoints based on the HTTP headers of the request messages.

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Travel & Leisure

Kuoni GTA

Kuoni GTA utilizes AdroitLogic UltraESB to implement XML API serving over half a billion requests per day. The platform currently supports over half a billion searches a day, and responds at a 0.47 sub-second response time.

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Securities and Derivatives Trading

Singapore Exchange Limited

SGX selected the UltraESB as the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) of the solution, and engaged AdroitLogic to design, build, test and deploy the UltraESB solution.

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Industrial Packaging


SKB Europe, a leader in high-quality aluminium and plastic cases and boxes, has deployed the UltraESB as an AS2/EDI integration platform for Business-to-Business (B2B) integration.

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Jesta Digital

Jesta Digital, a leading global provider of next generation entertainment content and services for the digital consumer, successfully migrated their ESB clusters to the UltraESB.

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Store Labs

Storelabs, a European startup specialized in FMCG/Retail marketing and operations, has deployed an AS2/EDI - FTP/XML Gateway for HighCo Data Spain.

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