Newsletter - August 2017

Performance tests yet again prove UltraESB to be the fastest ESB!

Results of the latest performance test show that UltraESB-X is the fastest ESB around. Read on to know more on the performance tests and integration news from AdroitLogic.

17.07 Product Releases

IMonitor-X - Unified management dashboard for UltraESB-X

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Key new features of UltraESB-X and UltraStudio
  • Graceful shutdown support
  • New connectors for Amazon S3 and Salesforce
  • New mediation features, processing elements for HTTP, SOAP, JAXB, XML & many more


Integration Platform (iPaaS) now includes enhanced monitoring and instance management

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Latest ESB Performance Benchmarking

Among 3 leading ESBs,
UltraESB-X displayed high stability and outperformed the other ESBs
across the majority of the tests.
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Blog Highlights 

Simple HTTP Proxy Service with UltraESB-X

A guide on creating a simple HTTP proxy service with UltraESB-X and UltraStudio, using the graphical integration flow editor

IMonitor-X, The Management Dashboard for UltraESB-X

A quick look at the key features of IMonitor-X, a unified web based graphical dashboard to manage UltraESB-X instances and Ultra Projects

17.07 is in Town  

An overview of the exciting features of the new release of UltraESB-X and UltraStudio

Processing Elements for Enterprise Integration Needs

Article discussing the concept of processing elements and a few commonly used processing elements in UltraESB-X

AS2 Protocol for Business Data Interchange via HTTP - Part 1

A comprehensive read on the use of AS2 protocol for business data interchange and how AdroitLogic AS2Gateway simplifies B2B Integration

Rapid Integration with UltraStudio

A tutorial on integrating custom resource beans with UltraStudio

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