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AdroitLogic Announces New Release of Integration Monitor for UltraESB-X

SINGAPORE - Aug. 29, 2017 - AdroitLogic, the renowned provider of high-performance integration solutions for connecting applications, systems and partners, today announced a major new release of AdroitLogic Integration Monitor (IMonitor-X), the web based management dashboard for UltraESB Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

IMonitor-X provides a unified and intuitive graphical user interface to manage multiple UltraESB-X instances and Ultra Projects across multiple cluster spaces and remote servers, while providing the flexibility to be deployed as an independent web application in a separate data center, remote node or developer workstation.

While offering in-depth details of each configured UltraESB-X instance, ranging from static configurations to runtime status information and fine-grained logs, IMonitor-X facilitates the invocation of management operations, such as starting or stopping UltraESB-X instances, with just a few clicks. It also enables seamless lifecycle management for Ultra Projects (independent deployment units of UltraESB-X), while offering detailed views of integration flows of each project, complete with graphical layouts and real-time status.

The main IMonitor-X dashboard features a range of widgets that help provide a quick overview of the system. Custom widgets can also be created and configured to portray any desired information, and shared with other users. Furthermore, IMonitor-X utilizes the analytical potential of Elasticsearch to retrieve and present useful statistics covering various aspects of UltraESB-X instances and deployed projects, that can be helpful in identifying and remedying any runtime issues ahead of time, with the flexibility to define custom metrics streams, pin them to the dashboard and share them with colleagues.

All these powerful features are built on top of a fine-grained user management system, powered by a configurable database- or LDAP-backed user base, to ensure that only authorized users have access to each feature. Additionally, the in-built auditing feature ensures transparency by persisting an audit trail for each critical user action performed on IMonitor-X.

About AdroitLogic

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. is a privately held innovative technology company based in Singapore, with technology offices in Sri Lanka. It believes in, and proves, that better design and clever code yields exceptional software. Hundreds of UltraESB instances are currently used in production, including at Kuoni GTA, Singapore Exchange Limited, StageCoach and Walmart.

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