Singapore | 28 OCTOBER 2011

AdroitLogic announces v1.6.1 of the UltraESB

Maintenance release of the 1.6.0 with many improvements to the HTTP transport and error handling with Error Codes

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. announced today the release v1.6.1 of its free and open source Enterprise Service Bus, the UltraESB. The UltraESB is released under the OSI approved GNU Affero General Public License; as well as a zero-dollar non-GPL commercial license which allows unlimited and perpetual production use free of charge. First released in January 2010, the UltraESB was the first ESB to utilize memory mapped files and zero-copy, coupled with non-blocking IO to provide extreme levels of performance.

Version v1.6.1 released today is mainly a maintenance release with many enhancements to the HTTP transport, including fixing of a possible connection leak while doing a graceful shutdown. The 1.6.0 release has been battle tested and hardened to become the 1.6.1 with more stability. It also fixes a possible file leak on the error path which was not even noticeable.

This minor release contains a much enhanced error handling mechanism where users can get a detailed description of an error within the ESB in the mediation layer, providing the user a seamless way of getting a meaningful description of the error to be reported back to the client or, can be used in any alerting functionality. A default built in endpoint identified as "mediation.response" has been added to the configuration to support sending response back within the mediation logic using the API to send back the response. This enables the responses being sent back from the mediation logic without using a defined endpoint act the same way as that goes via an endpoint, allowing the statistics collection for the responses sent back from mediation logic etc. a straight forward task.

Zabbix monitoring has been enhanced to make the registration of templates an asynchronous task with a multi threaded model, so that the template registration is parallelized for better performance. Along the side the web based management console has been improved to support this parallelization on the front end layer. The management terminal client UTerm also has many improvements making it much more usable.

The v1.6.1 release is approximately ~37MB in size and includes over 70 samples, test utilities and documentation etc to get started quickly. The release can be downloaded from