Singapore | (PRWEB) 28 JUNE 2012

AdroitLogic Announces Sixth Round of ESB Performance Benchmarking

Calls for the submission of enhancements or corrections for inclusion

AdroitLogic, developer of the Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB, today announced that it will shortly conduct the Sixth round of Open Source ESB Performance Benchmarking within the next 4 to 6 weeks. The Fifth round compared 8 of the leading free and open source ESBs in late 2011, and released a public EC2 AMI image with the necessary software, configurations and scripts to allow end users to independently re-run the benchmark and verify the results.

The configurations used for each ESB in the Fifth round was hosted on a public code repository and since then, has received enhancements from external contributors. AdroitLogic requests any interested vendors or contributors to directly submit enhancements to configurations via repository Pull Requests. Contributing enhancements will also grant access to interim results or issues encountered, so that subsequent updates could be incorporated before the final tests are conducted.

The selection will be limited to the same eight Free and Open Source ESBs as in the last round. "This time we have some interesting performance enhancements from some of the vendors to consider. Performance and stability would be a critical factor especially in any API management solutions common for ESBs" said Asankha Perera, Founder and CTO of AdroitLogic.

AdroitLogic invites interested parties to contact them at info(at)adroitlogic(dot)com by the 6th of July, for more details about the framework, making contributions and access to preliminary results and issues.

About the UltraESB

The UltraESB is the Free and Open Source ESB from AdroitLogic, and is only ESB that supports Zero-Copy proxying for extreme levels of performance utilizing Direct Memory Access (DMA) and the ‘sendfile’ system call, along with Non-Blocking IO. The UltraESB supports multiple communication protocols, message formats and technologies and is also the underlying ESB powering the recently launched Free Cloud based AS2/EDI Trading gateway for for B2B integration.

About AdroitLogic

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. founded in January 2010, is a privately held innovative technology company based in Singapore, that believes in, and proves, that better design and clever code yields much better software. AdroitLogic is driven by an exceptional team of integration experts with many years of ESB development and benchmarking experience, and backed by the dedication and commitment of its founders, who are personally involved with the design, development and support of its products.

Contact Information

Asankha Perera
Tel: +94 722 805724