Singapore | 17 MAY 2010

Enterprise Service Bus UltraESB challenges open source and commercial equivalents on performance and ease of use

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. announced today the general availability of its high performance Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB, available free of charge for perpetual and unlimited production use. AdroitLogic also launched a website dedicated to ESB performance testing -, that hosts a benchmark used by multiple ESB vendors since June 2007.

The UltraESB utilizes Zero-copy proxying of messages using Non-Blocking IO, to scale and support extremely high numbers of concurrent connections over HTTP/S. By moving away from a canonical message format, the UltraESB natively supports multiple types of payloads over transports such as HTTP/S, JMS, File, S/FTP, FTPS, MLLP/S, TCP/S and Email (POP,IMAP,SMTP). In addition, it can act as a B2B AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) connector to integrate backend systems securely with trading partners over the Internet, and as a Health Level 7 (HL7) systems integrator over multiple transports. By developing a custom WS-Security implementation, it offers much better performance when used as a WS-Security gateway than solutions based on the WSS4J/Rampart libraries. Fully supporting REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, Binary, Hessian, EDI, Text, HTML etc as payloads, the UltraESB ships with a load of ready-to-run samples, tools & documentation and bundles everything into a download of 30MB. The UltraESB can be deployed standalone or over a JEE application server, and supports both JTA XA and local transactions - including suspend and resume - even asynchronously.

The UltraESB is configured with an XML file that allows mediation code to be written as Java or [JSR 223] scripting language (e.g. Javascript, Groovy, Ruby..) snippets. Mediation can also be written as Java classes, or POJOs without depending on any specific interfaces. The UltraESB does not require the user to learn a new programming or configuration language; or compile-bundle-and-deploy artifacts for configuration changes. The configuration could be performed with an IDE of the users' choice that supports intelligent context aware auto completion, and allows step-through-debugging and unit testing to ensure quality. The UltraESB supports JMX management and reporting with any JMX console, and could even be used as a high performance load balancer in front of Tomcat instances etc to provide sticky loadbalancing and failover.

About AdroitLogic

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. is a privately owned, innovative technology company based in Singapore. AdroitLogic believes in working closely with real enterprise users of its software, and thus invites them to participate in defining its road map, schedule, features & releases. Becoming a partner with AdroitLogic, offers users access to its source code.