Singapore | (PRWEB) - 13 SEPTEMBER 2011

Former WSO2 ESB and Apache Synapse ESB Architect Ruwan Linton Joins AdroitLogic

Ruwan is back again with Asankha Perera who was the lead contributor of the Apache Synapse ESB and the original architect of the WSO2 ESB. Asankha later founded AdroitLogic, which builds the high performance and easy to use Enterprise Service Bus UltraESB

AdroitLogic, developer of the high performance and easy to use Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB, today announced that Ruwan Linton has joined the company as its Director of Engineering. The addition of Ruwan comes at a time when the company is experiencing growth in its customer base in the US, Europe and Asia, including migrations from other competing ESBs.

Ruwan was a core technical team member of the WSO2 ESB team since 2006, working with its original architect and product manager Asankha Perera, who later founded AdroitLogic in January 2010. Ruwan took over as the architect and product manager when Asankha left, and was responsible for many new enhancements and features, as well as supporting client deployments. The two of them contributed over 80% of the codebase of the underlying Apache Synapse ESB and has been the release leads for each release so far.

"AdroitLogic aims to deliver the best ESB, in terms of performance and ease of use. Being aware of many ESB's, I find the UltraESB to be comparatively easier to understand, configure and manage, with a much better and innovative design," said Ruwan, who is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation.

The UltraESB is a free and open source ESB that's very much faster and easier to use. Developed to be 'Better by Design', it is the first and only ESB to claim support for Zero-Copy proxying with Non-Blocking IO for extreme performance levels. AdroitLogic has been instrumental in conducting performance comparisons of open source ESBs to prove its performance lead and ease of use, compared to heavy weight and resource hungry alternatives. It is about to publish its latest performance evaluation of 8 open source ESB's under same conditions, and will additionally distribute an Amazon machine image (AMI) and a complete archive of the setup, to enable any end user to easily re-run the tests to verify the results, performance and complexity.

"The UltraESB has been steadily gaining market share and is getting traction as the ESB with the best performance and ease of use" said Asankha Perera, founder and CTO of AdroitLogic. "We are thrilled to have Ruwan on board and I am personally very excited to work with him once again!"

The UltraESB is released under the OSI approved AGPL license, as well as under an enterprise friendly zero-dollar commercial license without GPL/AGPL licensed artifacts. AdroitLogic offers development and production support as well as consultancy and training around the UltraESB, and has customers under production support in the US, Europe and Asia. It also offers free community support, and boast over 40% code coverage through unit tests, and ships over 70 sample configurations in a light weight ~35MB download. The UltraESB supports many types of transports, message types and technologies such as Json data services, asynchronous JTA XA transactions, AS2, Security gateway and Load balancing features etc. A web based console and a script-able command line interface exists for management and monitoring, along with close integration against leading monitoring software.

About AdroitLogic

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. is a privately held, innovative technology company based in Singapore, that believes in, and proves, that better design and clever code yields much better software. AdroitLogic is driven by the personal dedication and commitment of its founders, who are personally involved with the design, development and support of its products.

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