Singapore | 09 JUNE 2014

AdroitLogic announces v2.3.0 of the UltraESB

The version 2.3.0 of the UltraESB is a major release, that is recommended for LTS deployments

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. announced today the release v2.3.0 of its free and open source Enterprise Service Bus, UltraESB. The UltraESB is released under the OSI approved GNU Affero General Public License; as well as a zero-dollar commercial license. First released in January 2010, the UltraESB was the first ESB to utilize zero-copy proxying, coupled with non-blocking IO to provide extreme levels of performance.

This release introduces a new In-VM transport where a message that is being processed by a particular proxy can be directly routed to another proxy service for processing via the JVM without going through the network layer. The implementation of the In-VM transport gives all the features of the UltraESB transport framework including metrics and statistics.

However the same is available as an API call from the mediation API, so that the user has the option of calling mediation.invokeService() which is an asynchronous API call to invoke the specified service with the given message.

Many other generic enhancements has been done over the last release to improve the stability of HTTP transport, including a workaround for the high CPU utilization issue caused by certain JDK versions when using zero-copy. Further the jbrun UTerm command has been improved to be able to pass a set of headers to be used for the invocation and performance test loads. The UConsole metrics dashboard has been improved to provide a tabular as well as a graphical view for all metrics streams.

The v2.3.0 release full distribution is approximately ~45MB in size and includes over 85 samples, test utilities and documentation etc to get started quickly, while the minimal distribution is just 10.2 MB which is recommended for light weight deployments. The release can be downloaded from