Singapore | (PRWEB) 08 AUGUST 2012

Enterprise Service Bus Performance Benchmark Round 6 Results Released

AdroitLogic publishes the results for 8 free and open-source ESBs across 6 popular use cases

AdroitLogic announced today the results of the sixth round of ESB Performance benchmarking, comparing the leading free and open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementations of 8 vendors. Similarly to the 5th round conducted 10 months ago, the WSO2 ESB, Mule ESB CE, Fuse ESB, Apache ServiceMix, Talend ESB, Petals ESB, JBoss ESB and the UltraESB were compared across six popular use cases with varying message sizes and concurrency levels. This round also saw improvements to the benchmark itself coming from external contributors, through the openly hosted source repository containing the benchmark resources. The final EC2 based Amazon Machine Image published includes all resources and configurations required to re-run the test to verify the results easily. The results are published at

What's significant about this test suite is that it has now been accepted as the de-facto ESB performance test suite by vendors such as AdroitLogic, WSO2, BEA and Mulesoft in the past, who have reported results against their implementations publicly. This has also been used extensively by end users for ESB comparison, and load testing of configurations before production deployments, and has helped ESB vendors as well, to locate and resolve issues with their implementations.

Although 8 open source ESBs were considered, 4 of these failed to complete the benchmark successfully again in this round. One ESB initially selected for the final comparison failed halfway, but managed to complete the test on a retry. The performance between the final 4 ESBs varies significantly, with the fastest ESB being able to perform twice the average TPS than the slowest.

About the UltraESB

The UltraESB is the Free and Open Source ESB from AdroitLogic, and is the only ESB that supports Zero-Copy proxying for extreme levels of performance utilizing Direct Memory Access (DMA) and the ‘sendfile’ system call, along with Non-Blocking IO. The UltraESB supports multiple communication protocols, message formats and technologies and is also the underlying ESB powering the recently launched Free Cloud based AS2/EDI Trading gateway for for B2B integration.

About AdroitLogic

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. founded in January 2010, is a privately held innovative technology company based in Sri Lanka, that believes in, and proves, that better design and clever code yields much better software. AdroitLogic is driven by an exceptional team of integration experts with many years of ESB development and benchmarking experience, and backed by the dedication and commitment of its founders, who are personally involved with the design, development and support of its products.

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