Janaka Bandara

UltraStudio in Action, Episode 1: Write Your Own Basic Authenticator!

Basic authentication is perhaps the easiest—though not the most secure—way to control access to your in-house APIs. It allows users to gain access to the API simply by providing their username-password credentials, without the need of advanced encryption or third-party involvement as in OAuth. In this article, we'll go over the easiest process to control access to your in-house API, writing a basic authenticator.

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Udith Gunaratna

From AdroitLogic UltraStudio to AdroitLogic IPS: The complete journey of an Integration Flow

Throughout this post, we will be developing a simple Integration Flow using UltraStudio, validating for configurational correctness, testing for functional accuracy, and finally packaging and deploying it on an UltraESB-X cluster using IPS.

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Rajind Ruparathna

How to Monitor the AdroitLogic ESB (UltraESB-X) With Kibana

AdroitLogic Enterprise Service Bus (UltraESB-X) publishes metrics to the distributed RESTful search and analytics engine Elasticsearch. We can use the open-source visualization tool Kibana for monitoring purposes. In this blog post, we will go through the steps to set up UltraESB-X monitoring with Kibana.

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Manjula Piyumal

UltraESB-X — The Protégé of UltraESB

Today, we at AdroitLogic proudly celebrate the seventh anniversary of theUltraESB. On this special day, we are excited to present to you UltraESB-X, the next generation of the UltraESB, developed on top of the flexible, extensible and lightweight Project-X platform.

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Dimuthu Upeksha

AdroitLogic IPS — One platform to rule them all

Imagine a platform that minimizes the overhead in deployment and management of large ESB clusters. AdroitLogic Integration Platform Server (IPS), our latest container based multi node integration platform deployment of ESBs has become extremely simple.

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Sajith Dilshan

Introducing UltraStudio

For the past couple of months, we at AdroitLogic have been quite busy developing our brand new product stack. Now, after months of tiresome efforts, we are excited to present to you UltraStudio, the new Graphical Integration Development Environment we have built to make the UltraESB-X project developer’s life easier.

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Ruwan Linton

The X

Imagine an ESB that is less than 10 MB in the distribution size, with improved performance, running on a small Linux container. The first variable that comes to your mind in solving a mathematical equation, X! This is the birth of the Project-X by AdroitLogic, the base framework for a revamped, fully redesigned, set of integration products.

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Dammina Sahabandu

B2B trading with AdroitLogic AS2Station

AS2 protocol is one of the best communication protocols for enterprise business partners who trade through wire. AdroitLogic has been a reliable service provider for many such organizations since 2012 through AS2Gateway.

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