We are crazy about our architecture, performance and quality.

AdroitLogic is a privately held innovative technology company founded in January 2010, that believes and proves that better design and clever code can yield exceptional software! Our core values of Quality, Performance and Ease of use, saves organizations time spent in development of Enterprise Integration flows - resulting in shorter time to market, better development and test experiences, and savings in infrastructure deployment and management costs, due to the performance and operational efficiencies of the products.

Like an Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer,

Our products are designed by a highly skilled team with years of experience in Enterprise Integration,
to be a world apart in quality

We optimize our code to only depend on a very few, carefully selected third party libraries. But we allow the end-users to extend the functionality by simplified integration with other systems and libraries - without killing ourselves or our customers by using complex or outdated technologies.

6498 movement macro, CC BY-SA 2.0 by Guy Sie

In 2010, China exported 671M watches, while Switzerland only exported 26M in terms of raw pieces. However in value, the Swiss watches accounted for $15.5B while the Chinese accounted for only $3B.

Our value is the quality of our products, in terms of ease of use, performance and the ability to extend!

Proper design and coding saves end-users time and frustration, and avoids production risks

"Good cooking takes time. If you are made to wait, it is to serve you better, and to please you"

The Mythical Man Month

Menu of restaurant antoine.

Mythical Man Month

Great coding also takes some time spent in good design!

Our Values

Our value is the Quality of our products, the Ease of use, and the best Performance!

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We are always passionate about doing things right and with quality. It starts in our design, code and unit tests. Quality is in our DNA.

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Performance aspects are always considered early, and real performance benchmarks are carried out periodically and openly

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Ease of Use

Some of our features, designs and implementations are guided by real requirements of the largest companies in the world