Start Up Level Production Support

The Startup tier offers entry level support for production deployments, and is suitable for startups, or other businesses with low usage volumes. You will receive support for GA releases, via Email. Startup support is limited to qualified startups and small businesses, and allows for upto 2 incidents per year (per instance), and are available for single node deployments, or a cluster with a maximum of 2 instances.

Production support pricing is based on the number of instances of the software used in a production deployment. You MUST license all instances used in a production deployment under the same terms (e.g. you cannot deploy a production cluster of three nodes, and obtain a support for only one node). Thus patches/workarounds/instructions/service packs etc issued under a production support agreement may only be applied to instances under the same support agreement. However, these MUST NOT be disclosed publicly or shared with any third party, but maybe applied to staging, test and development environments for verification and validation etc.

AdroitLogic will do its best to ensure resolution or a workaround for an issue, within the agreed time frames. An incident will be acknowledged within the specified 'Response Time', and resolved within the specified 'Resolution Time'. However this depends on the customers ability to provide necessary log and configuration files and any other information required. In very rare cases where the issue cannot be reproduced, or correctly identified, resolution times may exceed the stipulated time frame. However, AdroitLogic guarantees that all possible action will be taken to ensure that the resolution is reached in the shortest possible time, and that full attention is continued on an issue until resolution.

Accurately prioritizing a technical issue is critical to the mutual success and the following guidelines will assist you in determining the appropriate priority level.

Critical (Priority 1) - 1 day Response Time / 3 day Resolution Time
The problem results in extremely serious interruptions to a production system, causing downtime. It has affected, or could affect, the entire user community of the software. Tasks that should be executed immediately cannot be executed because of a complete crash of the system or interruptions in main functions of the production system. Data integrity is compromised and the service request requires immediate processing as the issue can result in financial losses.
Urgent (Priority 2) - 1 day Response Time / 3 day Resolution Time
The problem results in serious interruptions to normal operations. Important tasks cannot be performed, but the error does not impair essential operations. Processing can still continue in a restricted manner, and data integrity may be at risk.
Important (Priority 3) - 2 day Response Time / 4 day Resolution Time
The problem causes interruptions in normal operations. It does not prevent operation of a production system, or there could be minor degradation in performance. The error is attributed to malfunctioning or incorrect behavior of the software. The issue will affect a pilot, proof-of-concept or project deadline.
Minor (Priority 4) - 2 day Response Time / 5 day Resolution Time
The problem results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operations (i.e. causes no business impact). The issue consists of "how to" questions including issues related to APIs and integration, installation and configuration inquiries, enhancement requests, or documentation questions. Note: Resolution times does not apply for enhancement requests or new features
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