Newsletter - November 2017
AS2Gateway is Better than Ever
The new and improved AS2Gateway is more user friendly and intuitive, facilitating your B2B trading needs in a smarter way.
AdroitLogic and SGX - Perfect Partnership
Singapore Exchange Limited continues to trust AdroitLogic integration solutions in achieving the required performance and reliability

Singapore Exchange Limited utilizes AdroitLogic UltraESB and Enterprise Middleware Framework as a flexible and scalable integration solution for SAP

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SGX utilizes AdroitLogic UltraESB and Enterprise Middleware Framework to process trade and price messages with guaranteed delivery

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Singapore Exchange Limited utilizes AdroitLogic UltraESB for reporting OTC commodities and
products to CFTC

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Connect Applications, Systems and Partners with ease
using UltraStudio
Know how to get started, create projects, validate flows, test and debug using UltraStudio.
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Integrating Amazon Web Services (AWS) & UltraESB with no code involved!

A use case on how to integrate AWS with UltraESB and UltraStudio to develop an end to end solution without writing a single line of code

Crunching S3 server access logs with Hadoop

Learn how to analyze AmazonS3 server access logs with Hadoop

Fun with Marketo — Building a Marketo integration in 15 minutes

A simple guide on how we can build a simple but powerful integration with Marketo using AdroitLogic's brand new Marketo connector.

Connecting the dots in style: Build your own Dropbox Sync in 10 minutes!

Drag, drop and wire together a simple “Dropbox sync” integration flow with UltraStudio

Professor-X and Jean Grey for the rescue of your integration setbacks!

ESBs are dead! Really? No, not yet. Still, they are around to make our lives easy by integrating our systems and services together.

Integrating Slack into Your Business: The easy way

Thinking about creating your own Slack App? There is a much easier way.

Effective Usage of Oracle Row-Locking with Spring JDBC 

You may be thinking, "Is it *that* hard to use Oracle row-locking without any issues in an enterprise-level application?" Unfortunately yes, it is.

How to run One Million UltraESB-X Docker instances… For Free

AdroitLogic has released a Docker image that could be used to run an unlimited number of instances, license-free.

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